Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Album Cover a Week: Modern Baseball - Holy Ghost

This is the fourth cover of the alternative LP covers I've been completing over the past few weeks. I took a different approach to image making this time, utilising print skills that I built on last year. It was enjoyable to work within this format again and think that if anything, this small, self-initiated brief is allowing me to consider different approaches to image making more than I usually would. I've been worrying a lot that my work's not visually consistent, but I don't think that neccesarily has to be a bad thing, I enjoy working in different ways and figuring out which process fits a project best. Above are the monoprints I created during my morning in the print room, and below is the final design for the LP Cover.

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Album Cover a Week: The Fronts Bottoms - Going Grey

A little behind schedule, but this is the third LP cover that I've attempted. I'm really unsure with how I feel about this one, it's a different way of working for me, in terms of the visual style of the work and then in terms of it being more of a scene as oppossed to a vignette type image. Anyhow, I've had some positive feedback and would potentially like to explore this kind of image making a little more. I think as the weeks go by, my attempts at these LP covers are getting a little stronger. I hope so anyway. 

Monday, 29 January 2018

Album Cover a Week: Joyce Manor - Cody

To pick up on the 'Album Cover a Week' brief I started a while back, I decided to create an alternative cover for Joyce Manor's latest album, 'Cody'. I chose to use the image of a wild cat as the album is quite fast paced and I thought this fit with the overall feel of the album. In the issuu document above is the initial drawings for the design along with experimentation with type. This is then followed by experimentation with layout and colour schemes. The final design and mock-up is shown below.

Monday, 22 January 2018

Project Planning

Due to Context of Practice overtaking any other modules over the last few months, Extended Practice has been neglected, with a very little amount of practical work actually being produced over the last two months. To try get back into the swing of things, I've planned out two smaller projects to help get me back into the swing of things, and have started thinking about a larger project that will become the main focus of this module sometime in February.

Project 1 - Alternative Vinyl Sleeves

Self-Initiated Brief

Deliverables: 5 alternative vinyl sleeves for 5 albums of my choosing 
Previously start in December, 1 out of 5 designs is already completed. 

Chosen Albums:

Pinegrove - Cardinal (completed)
Joyce Manor - Cody (w/c 22/01/18)
The Front Bottoms - Going Grey (w/c 29/01/18)
Modern Baseball - Holy Ghost  (w/c 05/02/18)
Turnover - Peripheral Vision (w/c 12/02/18) 

The aim of this self-directed project is to allow me to explore an area of Illustration I am interested in and also to help me find a bit of flow within my practice again. I aim to complete one sleeve a week for the next four weeks, finishing the brief in enough time to coincide with the start of the second project I've planned. 

Project 2 - Hookworms Gig Poster - Live Brief 

"Produce an A2 edition screen-printed poster for the upcoming Hookworms gig at Brudenell Social Club, taking place on Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd of March"

Poster Info (to be included) 

  • Hookworms
  • Martha/Ulrika Spacek/Virginia Wing/Bilge Pump/Spinning Coin/Brown Owl
  • Friday 2nd & Saturday 3rd March 2018 
  • Tickets: Friday - 19.30 - £8 
  • Tickets: Saturday - 16.00 - £12
  • Weekend Ticket - £15
Start Brief - w/c 12/02/18 

Deadline - 23/02/18

Print Deadline - 01/03/18 

Friday, 8 December 2017

Not Okay

I sketched this little character on a train journey a few days ago and it's finally made it to a finished stage. I don't usually work with human figure and found this a new, interesting way of creating imagery and evoking a sense of emotion within my work. This is definitley something that i'd like to explore more and that could hopefully become a small series of prints. I'm also enjoying how text and written word is becoming more incorporated into my practice and feel that this is something I could try to consistently include within my work. 

Album Cover a Week: Pinegrove - Cardinal

To kick start this little project I decided to do an alternative cover for Pinegrove's album 'Cardinal'. Informed by feelings of home, sense of place, travelling and introspection I found it fitting to create an image of the Port Authority Bus Station, mentioned specifically in the opening track. The colour choices are mellow and gentle, reflecting the kind of feeling that I think the album mostly provokes. 

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

The Morning After The Year Before

This past friday saw the launch of the Platform 3 exhibition I had decided to get involved with. Named 'The Morning After The Year Before', the exhibition held host to a variety of artists and performers, all exploring the themes of personal trauma and a reaction to said theme. Along with prints and sculpture, the exhibition played host to interactive art and a variety of shrot films, comedy, spoken word and performance pieces. 

Personally, I benefited from the exhibition in terms of some exposure and networking but mainly in terms of my own confidence. I didnt really get the chance to 'network' as such, friends came down to support the exhibition and calm my nerves so I spent my night with them as a pose to networking and meeting new creatives. I do feel a lot more confident in terms of exhibiting though, especially when thinking about showing work outside of the safety of uni. I would be quite interested in getting a few friends together and exploring the idea of setting up an exhibition in a local space/bar, but this is something to look into after christmas possibly.