Friday, 8 December 2017

Not Okay

I sketched this little character on a train journey a few days ago and it's finally made it to a finished stage. I don't usually work with human figure and found this a new, interesting way of creating imagery and evoking a sense of emotion within my work. This is definitley something that i'd like to explore more and that could hopefully become a small series of prints. I'm also enjoying how text and written word is becoming more incorporated into my practice and feel that this is something I could try to consistently include within my work. 

Album Cover a Week: Pinegrove - Cardinal

To kick start this little project I decided to do an alternative cover for Pinegrove's album 'Cardinal'. Informed by feelings of home, sense of place, travelling and introspection I found it fitting to create an image of the Port Authority Bus Station, mentioned specifically in the opening track. The colour choices are mellow and gentle, reflecting the kind of feeling that I think the album mostly provokes. 

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

The Morning After The Year Before

This past friday saw the launch of the Platform 3 exhibition I had decided to get involved with. Named 'The Morning After The Year Before', the exhibition held host to a variety of artists and performers, all exploring the themes of personal trauma and a reaction to said theme. Along with prints and sculpture, the exhibition played host to interactive art and a variety of shrot films, comedy, spoken word and performance pieces. 

Personally, I benefited from the exhibition in terms of some exposure and networking but mainly in terms of my own confidence. I didnt really get the chance to 'network' as such, friends came down to support the exhibition and calm my nerves so I spent my night with them as a pose to networking and meeting new creatives. I do feel a lot more confident in terms of exhibiting though, especially when thinking about showing work outside of the safety of uni. I would be quite interested in getting a few friends together and exploring the idea of setting up an exhibition in a local space/bar, but this is something to look into after christmas possibly. 

Friday, 24 November 2017

Pastoral Tutorial

After having a few weeks off I've been worried that I've fallen behind with Cop and Extended Practice. I had a tutorial with Ben today and I feel like the main thing that's been holding me back is being worried that whatever I produce won't be substantial enough if it's not a 'live' brief as such. We spoke about the idea of doing something along the lines of Secret 7" but with me being able to choose my own albums/songs to create work around. I'm really excited about the prospect of working on something like this and think it'll be a good project to get the ball rolling again.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Platform 3 Exhibition - The Morning After The Year Before

I have recently been in touch with the folks over at Platform 3 about their upcoming exhbition 'The Morning After The Year Before'. The exhibition requires work 'that is a response to personal trauma or an event or experience that has shaped you'. I've been working on a print recently that just so happens to fit the brief and decided to put myself forward to take part in the exhbition!

I've shown the organisers my work and they're happy for me to exhibit this piece and have also given me the opportunity to sell work on the night. I'm yet to decide what other pieces of work to get printed to sell but I'm also hoping to get some business cards sorted for the night that I can let people take away with the prints, if they decide to buy them. 

I've also found a section on the Facebook event page that's made me think Platform 3 might be good to talk too in regards my COP project, the event encourages no mobile phones, instead promoting real human connection formed away from social media, this is something that directly realtes to my COP essay and research. I'm excited to be taking part in the exhibition, I'm hoping that it'll give me a bit of a confidence boost with my work and with showing my work in general as this will be the first time I've exhbitited outside of uni. I'm also hoping it'll provide a good opportunity to network, allowing me to make contact with other creatives who are interested in similar subject matter. 

Thursday, 19 October 2017

So Young Magazine - Competition Entry

So Young Magazine have recently launched their first Illustration competition. So Young is a fully illustrated independent music magazine and they're looking for 'the next great So Young illustrator to bring something new' to the magazine. The brief is as follows:

Illustrate a song by, or members of one of the bands below in any style you prefer… Digital, Collage, pencil drawing, anything… Check out our previous issues for inspiration at
Wolf Alice, Fat White Family, The Horrors, The Fall, The Big Moon, The Smiths, Savages, HMLTD, The Raincoats, Goat Girl, Nick Cave, Superfood, David Bowie, Mystery Jets, The Clash, Blondie, Sheer Mag, Childhood Or any band previously featured in So Young
Judges from Magazines, Galleries and Agencies will select from 10 finalists. These 10 finalists, chosen by So Young, will all have their entries posted on Instagram to our 48k followers.
Deadline is Friday 17th November 2017

The winner will recieve £200 prize money, a one year subscription to So Young, a feature written about their work on the So Young website and their work exhibited as part of a So Young exhibition at their gallery space in London

For this brief, I read through back copies of the magazine and chose to illustrate a piece on King Krule. As a pose to doing a portrait, I chose to illustrate King Krule's song, 'Easy, Easy'. I feel that this will be a more effective way of completing the brief rather than submitting a portrait as I'm hoping it will stand out a little more. I made three different versions of my submission and have decided to submit the first image as I think the illustration stands out more, and doesnt get lost with an additional features. 

Final Submission
Alternative Version
Alternative Version