Saturday, 17 March 2018

Mega-crit Feedback

Comments on the ideas of the projects:
- Album covers are working well for your practice
- The Front Bottoms cover is a solid design, cripsy fresh, and nice that it plays with the name of the band
- Relevant, fun projects
- Projects well suited
- Music is your thing! Vinyl covers are great
- Love the zine, very 'honest'
- Well thought-out project

Comments on the visuals of the projects:
- All different media, but you have a distinctive style which links them all together
- Can we see more editorial please, love this!
- Love the Modern Baseball cover, its really simple, but its really effective
- Pinks and purples are tasty, little hints of texture are very effective
- Loving seeing your work applied to products

- Textured stuff, the Holy Ghost one is great! - pastels?. Also like the collage vibes of the Peripheral Vision one
- Colour! The Front Bottoms image is great. Full colour but still in your low-key tone 
- Make prints of your TFB one, I would pay good money to have it on my wall 

Friday, 9 March 2018

Forge Magazine - Fate Submission

My original idea for the Forge Magazine Submission was to illustrate around the Three Moirai, the deciders of fate in greek mythology. As much as I was interested in this, i found a different concept that fits my own interests and drawing style more. The Web of Wyrd (Skulds Net), the matrix of fate, contains all of the shapes of the runes and therefore all of the past, present and future possibilites they represent. With my research into the meaning of fate, I decided that this was a fitting symbolic representation of Fate and feel that i hae executed the image to the best of my ability. 

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Editorial - Museum of You

'I unpacked the jars, your toenails first, then the fingernails. hair clumps and eyelashes. The scabs for your heart I lay as the final piece. A shape of you in the wet sand as the tide washed in and pulled you away to the four corners of the world.'
I'm really enjoying working with editorial pieces so far, being able to choose the kind of article I'm illustrating is allowing me to enjoy the process alot more. It's also strengthening my ability to work with some kind of narrative and be able to tell a story within my work. Once again, the quick turn around of the brief is working well for me, allowing me to generate ideas, finalise one, and experiment with colour and composition when creating my image without it dragging out for too long and me getting a little bored with it all. So far I am hitting the deadlines I've set myself within this mini brief, and aim to continue completing one a week until the three final images are done.

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Feedback from Tutorial

- More short turn around briefs
- Competition briefs - flesh out portfolio
- Collage, line, colour, texture, composition
- Honest, emotive, dark, familiar

- Print exploration of 'Home' as a feeling
- Totems, sentiment, artefacts, spaces
- Research, talk to other, audio recordings
- Make initial sketches, collect quotes and ideas, take photos, make maps and diagrams

Saturday, 3 March 2018

Self-directed Editorial Brief - Selected Articles from Oh Comely Magazine

For this self-directed project I wanted to give editorial another go. I feel that this is an area I could be interested in if I find the right articles for me to work around. I've been a long time reader of Oh Comely magazine, finding their short stories and articles engaging as well as emotionally driven. For this brief, I have selected three articles from back issues of the magazine, and aim to produce an accompanying image on a weekly basis. If the project is succesful, I aim to print the final images and send them into the amgazines art director and/or submissions department as an attempt to network and try get my work 'out there' a little bit. The magazine regularly features a host of different illustrators and have recently changed their cover design from being photography based to illustration based. The three selected articles are as follows:

Museum of You - Philiy Page
Issue 33
Fictional Creative Writing Piece
Themes/Concept - Letting go, longing, nostalgia, holding on, traces, missing, memory, personal, emotion, heart break, remembering

The More My Houses Change, The More My Bedrooms Stay The Same - Charlotte Humphery
Issue 24
Reflective Creative Writing Piece
Themes/Concept - Home, nesting, personal, space, rooms, comfort, home-making, objects, familiarities

(insert scanned page)

A Garden In My Mind - Linnea Enstrom
Issue 22
Reflective Creative Writing Piece
Themes/Concept - forest, woods, outdoors, mundanity, career, life, confidence, uncertainty, trapped, acceptance, calm

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Album Cover A Week: Turnover - Peripheral Vision

This album cover marks the end of the mini-brief I had set myself of re-designing a different LP cover a week. I decided to end on one of my favourite albums, Turnover's 'Peripheral Vision'. I tried to create a feeling of detachment and isolation, keeping the composition of the image minimal. I also tried to explore a different range of media, using pencil to create initial images, and then using different paint texture brushes to add colour and fire. I've really enjoyed working in this way, and feel that my work throughout this project has progressed quite a lot compared to the first image I created. 

Things I have learnt from this brief: 

- Working within this format and around this subject matter is something that I enjoy doing and have fun creating images for - this is something I should continue trying to do 

- I've explored different ways of laying out images, and think that this has benefited my practice, making me more aware of how I consider compisition 

- I can work in a range of different ways and thats okay. I get worried that my work isn't visually consistent a lot of the time, but I dont think this is always a bad thing. It allows me to flexible and adapt my work to fit the subject matter