Monday, 8 May 2017

OUIL505 Design Boards

Promotional Materials - Mockups

I've mocked up my illustrations onto product and I'm really pleased with the result! I think it's cleare to see now how these images could work in the book and across promotional product. The use of a promotional package alongside the book is something I'm glad I've done as I was previously stuck with wether or not choose adult publishing or product and retail. This method of approaching the module and the brief has allowed me to cross over between the do and in turn has helped me understand how and where my practice may lie within illustration as a discipline.

Putting Things Into Context

I've been thinking about what products I could include in the promotional package and have decide that I will be including:
- a tote bag
- a poster
- a pin badge

I feel that these products will accompany the book well and avoids me jsut palstering work onto whatever mockup I can find that might fit within my context. I chose to mock the images up onto a tote bag because this is something that the book will come in, but will also be available for the customer to use after purchase. The poster and pin badges are more mementos, freebies that the customer can put up or wear. Everyone enjoys free stuff and I feel that my iamgery is suited to these kinds of applications. I'm going to trawl through mockup websites and try find what I need in order to get everything together.

Cover Mockup

I'm really pleased with how this looks mocked up onto an actual book. I feel that I've achieved the dark, atmospheric tone of voice I wanted too whilst also managing to alude to the mystery of what's inside the book. I feel that the cover illustration is more simple that the ones inside the book but feel that this balances them out and they both compliment each other to an equal amount. From here I need to decide on my final application of imagery, and consider exactly what products I want to include in the promotional package that will accompany the book. 

Final Cover

I'm really happy with how my final book cover has turned out. I feel that it compliments the illustrations that accompany it for the start of the chapters whilst also alluding to the mystery that is inside. I wanted to keep the outer cover simple as I feel that other illustrations are quite strong on their own and these are the illustrations that I will be applying to product. I managed to keep the colours consistent with the ones that I've already used and feel that the text stands out in the bold orange colour. The image of the eye is a focul point and I wanted it to be like this because of its repetition through the other illustrations and also as I thought it was a symbol that was a suitable representation of divination. My next step is too mock this up onto a book and then begin to apply my illustrations to products that will be a part of the promotional package. 

Cover Roughs

 I was a little unsure of what to do for my book cover at first. I was really happy with the final illustrations for the chapters inside the book and feel like they're really strong as a set. I started to think about possibly having a pattern that would completley wrap around the outside of the book and felt this this could either include constellations of the zodiac or alternativley runes and other alchemic symbols. As much as I feel this could have been effective, I felt like it focused too heavily on one specific aspect of fortune telling/divination. I started drawing a few things up that related back to the sacred geomtry I'd previously looked at and began to feel like this would be a stronger approach. The outside of the book needed to provide a general overview/insight as to what was inside and I feel a symbol constructed with elements of sacred geometry would best do this. I also decided I wanted to incorporate the image of they eye that i've been adding to the rest of my illustrations. I drew up half of the final design as I wanted it to be symmetrical and new I would be able to sort this out in Photoshop later on.