Thursday, 19 October 2017

So Young Magazine - Competition Entry

So Young Magazine have recently launched their first Illustration competition. So Young is a fully illustrated independent music magazine and they're looking for 'the next great So Young illustrator to bring something new' to the magazine. The brief is as follows:

Illustrate a song by, or members of one of the bands below in any style you prefer… Digital, Collage, pencil drawing, anything… Check out our previous issues for inspiration at
Wolf Alice, Fat White Family, The Horrors, The Fall, The Big Moon, The Smiths, Savages, HMLTD, The Raincoats, Goat Girl, Nick Cave, Superfood, David Bowie, Mystery Jets, The Clash, Blondie, Sheer Mag, Childhood Or any band previously featured in So Young
Judges from Magazines, Galleries and Agencies will select from 10 finalists. These 10 finalists, chosen by So Young, will all have their entries posted on Instagram to our 48k followers.
Deadline is Friday 17th November 2017

The winner will recieve £200 prize money, a one year subscription to So Young, a feature written about their work on the So Young website and their work exhibited as part of a So Young exhibition at their gallery space in London

For this brief, I read through back copies of the magazine and chose to illustrate a piece on King Krule. As a pose to doing a portrait, I chose to illustrate King Krule's song, 'Easy, Easy'. I feel that this will be a more effective way of completing the brief rather than submitting a portrait as I'm hoping it will stand out a little more. I made three different versions of my submission and have decided to submit the first image as I think the illustration stands out more, and doesnt get lost with an additional features. 

Final Submission
Alternative Version
Alternative Version 

Monday, 8 May 2017

OUIL505 Design Boards

Promotional Materials - Mockups

I've mocked up my illustrations onto product and I'm really pleased with the result! I think it's cleare to see now how these images could work in the book and across promotional product. The use of a promotional package alongside the book is something I'm glad I've done as I was previously stuck with wether or not choose adult publishing or product and retail. This method of approaching the module and the brief has allowed me to cross over between the do and in turn has helped me understand how and where my practice may lie within illustration as a discipline.

Putting Things Into Context

I've been thinking about what products I could include in the promotional package and have decide that I will be including:
- a tote bag
- a poster
- a pin badge

I feel that these products will accompany the book well and avoids me jsut palstering work onto whatever mockup I can find that might fit within my context. I chose to mock the images up onto a tote bag because this is something that the book will come in, but will also be available for the customer to use after purchase. The poster and pin badges are more mementos, freebies that the customer can put up or wear. Everyone enjoys free stuff and I feel that my iamgery is suited to these kinds of applications. I'm going to trawl through mockup websites and try find what I need in order to get everything together.